20 January 2012.
It was 2am. I barely slept.
We had to be at the airport by 3.30am and we made it. So it was the day we flew to Singapore. it is my first flight abroad and it's the first flight of the day. I was super excited. By the time we landed in Changi International airport, i fell in love with Singapore even more. The first thing came to my mind was, "Dang, this place is super neat!" … Believe me, I can't keep my room clean but I'm loving the view of the tidiness and the cleanliness. We took care of our arrival then we decided to go to the hotel straight away. Taking a cab was simple. There were someone who's in charge of that stuff. Again, so thoughtful, so in order, so loving this country.
The cab driver, barely speaks in grammar English but he was friendly. He showed us some of tourist hot spot along the way. Speeding up in Singapore is easy, because there wasn't packed with cars. Convenient I must say. We arrived at the hotel and checked in right away. The hotel is pretty much comfortable. Even though it reviewed badly by most people. The next thing I noticed was we already in the cab on the way to the Universal Studio. It's an amusement park and sure it amused me, a lot. We tried numerous of rides. Each of them were cool. The coolest ride must be The Transformer. It was full of visual effect. We liked it. We had lunch in some kind of a diner, old school diner. It was raining, right time and right place for a rest.
Because we were tired from the flight and added with the activity in the universal studio, we got cranky. The trip back to the hotel was not a fun trip, just the trip back to the hotel though. We took the MRT I think. We got back to the hotel safely. Dinner was taken place at a small Indian Restaurant opposite Mustafa centre. Mustafa centre is a department store for everything ever existed. From food and beverages to underwear, even perfumes and also medicines, gigantic.

21 January 2012.
That day was not a busy day. We headed to IKEA. It's a place for people to buy furnitures. That place is a heaven on earth. My mother, bless her, ignited this flame, "Interior designer" in me, once again. Oh GOD, why the hell I have to be loving the word "design" so much? I would love to be an Interior designer and a stylist. Back to business, I was so amazed by IKEA. It's a dream came true to be presence in that building.
Then we went to Orchard. You know, the famous Orchard. Busy sidewalks, busy underpass, busy MRT station. Growing up watching movies where there many scenes about pedestrian and busy subway stations involved, being in Singapore is like living that movie scenes.
By the way, we had this card called "Tourist Pass". It is simply a wild card for MRT, LRT and Busses. Great thing about that way of life is the super in order feel to it. It's a discipline way of life and I like it.
The weather in Singapore is not really much different from Jakarta. Except there are so many trees so the hot weather complimented with cool breeze full of oxygen can actually make your body re-energized, with less pollution, being a pedestrian is fun.

MRTs are a lot like Transjakartas. And I apologize that from now on, I'm not really a big fan of Transjakartas. OK, at least, I'm a big fan of the system of it, similar to MRTs.
This is why I love MRTs so much more than Transjakartas.
    ✓    MRT station is less crowded, not that it's not crowded but it is a crowded kind of orderly crowded. Its underground so it's huge. Even if its full packed it will not be squeezed to death.
    ✓    MRT's speed is constant. You don't have to hold tight to stay on your feet, unlike Transjakartas. When it takes breaks, I mean when it gets to the station, it breaks smoothly. No need to grip anything.
    ✓    Even though an MRT can be full of people, like in rush hour or something, you can still move around. People respect other people but at the same time they do tend to ignore other people. It is comforting. In the case of a full Transjakarta, those thing I mentioned about MRT, dream on!

I'm like a betrayer of my own country to compare Transjakarta with MRT. But it is the truth. I mean, come on people ! Who won't appreciate that way of convenient transportation ? They are missing out like a lot.

Merlion is one of the places to go. you know, the lion statue, the landmark of Singapore, in the bay... One thing bothered me the most is people tend to stare at me. May be it is just me. At one point, my mom think the same way. I was thinking, "If I feel like people stare at me a lot, may be I was too insecure. But if my mom thought the same way, it was super creepy." May be I have a "funny looking". Just may be.

We did some souvenirs shopping at Lucky Plaza, Orchard. The shopkeepers speak fluent Indonesian, so they were like chit chatting with my mom. One of them said that I looked like my dad, oh yeah, I get that a lot. After all, he is my biological father. She said that I'm good looking and I smiled while hoping she was sincere to said that. We called it a day and went back to the hotel.

22 January 2012.
We went to Orchard again, this time father did some shopping. The highlight about that day was the dinner in Newton. From Orchard we had to take a bus, but instead of going to Newton right away, we took a leap, thank GOD we got there safely. For dinner, we had chilly crab and fried rice, tasty. We went to the Chinatown for Lunar New Year countdown. Pagoda Street was super packed. I was tired and getting cranky, so that trip to Chinatown was not pleasant at all. We got back to the hotel.

23 January 2012.
We went to Science Center. I can only say, COOL and AWESOME.

24 January 2012.
Last day. We did nothing but chilling at our room. Preparing ourselves for the flight back to Jakarta. We ate SUBWAY for lunch. Then we went to the airport, Changi International Airport. The concept of this airport is cool, airport and mall merge to one, my head screams "DANG! I am in love".
I experienced the sad feeling that hits you when you leave place you love.
Hopefully I will be back with a study plan. aamiin!

p.s :
5 days in Singapore taught me a lot.
I got comfortable with my own being, just living the life, confidence and comfort are the best things a human can own.
Singapore, the land of my dreams. I hope I get the scholarship. Aamiin !