color box purple tee - random black flared skirt - random royal blue sling bag
random mint cardi - random  oxford ankle boots

with the birthday booooy!!!

i had a random hangout with my bffs ... Jihan, Dhisty, Bintang and one great addition to the pack, Diar.. jihan's friend. it's Bintang's celebratory hangouts. we went to Brussel Spring at Epicentrum Walk. seems like this mall is a go-to mall for a random hangout. LOL. then after meal we went to Tebet for some window shopping.

sometimes all you need is a good laugh with your good friends.
for some reason i haven't been feeling well, may be i'm just lonely coz the past days i have been irritated with my own life. i keep thinking about how i need a new life, new things to explore..
then they come.. again.. with all the madness. all of a sudden i feel like my self again.
and now i get how sometimes you just gotta loosen up a bit.

grateful to have bffs like them,