surpassing the gloominess

probably the worst feeling in the world to loose someone you love. it's weird that someone can disappear from you life in once little click. my granny passed away last Thursday.. a week ago. it's probably for the best because her illness is just too powerful after all this time. Cervix Cancer.. we all know it's incurable. now i know she's now OK.
another thing is i have this END-OF-SEMESTER syndrome, when you just want to fast forward through the finals tasks and tests. it's a common syndrome that occurs every May and December, for college-rs. i just need some random vacation.
OH.. and i applied to TISFiP 2013. Thailand-Indonesia Student Friendship Program in Phuket, Thailand. an exchange program to Phuket for roughly a week. oh gosh, wish me luck.

so with all this thing going, i managed to have a little escape through being weird with this crazier-than-life friend, Stefany.. or Panjul, as i usually call her. it's our specialty just to be as random as life will be and for some weird stuff, these pictures lifts my mood.

can i have my vacation early? nah, i dont think so. i will just have to be patiently waiting, like everybody else.

mood-enhancer status .. ENABLED,