as casual and excited

first of all, i apologize for the blurry pictures. taken by only blackberry onyx.
ok, i purchased one cute pair of sandals in ITC Cempaka Mas for only 50k idr.
it's super comfy.

if you all follow my twitter, y'all must know that my friend, Permata, is coming to town and we went for some kinda retail therapy. it went great despite all the waiting for transjakarta at the end of the day.. full blast tired.

OH ... i'm 7 days away from my actual-task-free days, yep.. holiday for short. the pressure is on. i just need sometime to cool down before Phuket. tho uber excited, i feel like i need some major shopping to do. it's 6 freakin days of an ABROAD experience without parents. yes, the first time ever gone away, alone.

loving life,

outfit :
sandals - thrifties ITC Cempaka Mas for 50k idr
khaki blouse - online shop
belt - vinci
skinnies - thrifties at Tamini Square for 85k idr
mint cardi - thrifties at Tamini Square for 95k idr
tanks - thrifties at Tamini Square for 35k idr
bag - handed down from Mom.