crime that adds up

today we decided to have yet another fashion shoot. taken in Kota Wisata, Cibubur. this is merely our goal to have a regular shoot for this blog.

isn't it weird to have a bestie for .... more than 10 years? not for me. i have been friends with this girl for 16 years, and counting. it's fun to have her around just for some random chat. and we take random literally. creepy as it sound. OH, the red lips wasn't planned !!!! we tend to accidentally coordinate our makeup and or outfit ... even words.

this dress usually functions as a blouse, belted like i wore in the picture. it's impossible to wear this kind of outfit to school. LOL. the black opaque tight and wegdes do me justice by elongated my legs.

still cant wait for my departure to Phuket!!

knitted dress - online shop (gifted)
opaque tights - random store
wedges boots - findings at Tamini Square
vinci red thin belt - (gifted)

black wedges - findings at ITC Kuningan
stripes trousers - findings at Plaza Semanggi
cut out tees - findings (random)