cute and sweet

first things first, I'm sorry with the bad quality on the pictures. Taken only by my Mac's webcam. remember the thing about how i make new friends nowadays? read HERE if you haven't.  basically it's just how i meet new people.

ok, so i met this one guy, on twitter, from #insomniaLover of Hitmansystem. turned out, he is my senior. yes, at UNJ, with the same freakin' major that I'm taking. his name is Dody. couple days ago, i was planning on watching Monster University... yes, the Monster Inc. one. i tweeted about my plan, and he replied my tweet and offered me that we can actually go together. yes, that was after all the small talk. :) so yesterday, Dody, my lil' bro, and i watched that cute movie together.

 i wore this. 
self-cut cropped tees. my mint go-to cardi. skinnies.
my gladiator red sandals. also gifted dream-catcher necklace.
 i aimed for the easiness and these ones are cute things to put on. i like how it turned out because you actually put your thought on your outfit but still look effortless. this is why i love skinnies and cropped tees. they just give the ooze of rock-chic. the cardi gave away the sweet and preppy feel. the sandals have huge role in making everything looks casual.
this is just random everyday look. i root for this. easy yet thoughtful. 

childhood on reboot,