hot pink lips

been sucha long time since i post my outfit pics here.
so ... just to keep you all updated, i bought new pair of wedges boots and also been experimenting with makeup :)) playing dress up seriously lifts up my mood, end-of-semester-syndrome and all. boys department isn't sucha a success yet. ah i'm so need someone to hangout and blabber around with.
what do you think ????

p.s :
i'm officially gonna depart to Phuket, Thailand - regarding my exchange program!!
so ex-freakin-cited !!!

oufit :
polkadots top - thrifties
dark blue skinnies - thrifties
brown suede-leather wegdesboots - findings at Tamini Square
pink chiffon denim shirt - findings at Tamini Square
light purple blouse - handed down from granny