silly, as i would say

sorry for cropping, Anya.
i don't think you'd be happy if i post the actual non-cropped pic.

Deri - Anya - Me
Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

so, ... meet Anya and Deri. we call ourselves... Jakartans Gang.
i know these bunch from TISFIP. yes, from that madpeople flock. due to the fact that Bandung Gang often holds gathering, this is our revenge ! Tho Deri is actually one of Bandung Gang, two membership at once??? it's ok la~

the date was held in 2 places, Thamrin City for shopping and Grand Indonesia for break-fasting, and umm.. window shopping. i just can't get over the fact that i'm sucha lucky lil' bastard to have them. well, yes outta the blue they just popped into my life... and i'm sure they'll be around for some time.

here, take a look at us being silly ....
keeks footage :

Jul 29, 2013 | shopping winner!! by anjanideee on

silliness is contagious,