that's what she said ...

Puput call us "Craziest Thing"
i just don't know why she put that on our behalf.
so .. this isn't all of us. the Craziest Thing has 6 member.. Dee, Chica, Puput, Ayu, Utie, and Fungki.
Met in High School so this is our .. umm, reunion??

this is our breakfsting/reunion.
just Me, Chica, Puput, and Ayu.
Utie and Fungki were NO SHOW coz, umm... life gets in the way.
weird thing is, all 4 of us never quite change, just us fooling around, teasing and scolding one another.
they're the highlight of my senior year.

cheers, for our laughing matter ...
whatever that is and whoever it will be