for as long as i remembered, i always love this color combo. somehow they complemented each other. i always love black, i bet you can tell. but i never really wear red, on it's own. i feel that red gives me sucha strong vibe that people tend to stare, may be only because i'm weird.. oh well. i love how the outfit goes along with the makeup. mom said that red lips look good on me, and i have been in love with red lips eversince. the cat eyes was too much, but i adore how they gave me sucha badass and sassy aura, bad-sass for short.

this combo of black and red has been my go-to color since college. it's a weird transition to be able to dress up for school ( psssttt!! in Indonesia, kindergarten to high school, is a mandatory to wear uniform). tho there are still so many restrictions and conditions, dressing up for school is a fun thing to go through ... everyday. ummmmmm, speaking of school ..... it's only been 3 days since first day of new semester, and guess what ... i already felt that i needed a break. isn't that weird?? ... my family and i are planning to go on a vacaayy... yap i know. we're weirdest ever and i am freakin proud of it! yeay!

p.s : 
Black Tank - Ambassador Mall // Bandage Skirt - Ambassador Mall
Red Shirt - Tamini Square // Houndstooth Flats - Ambassador Mall

what is your color combo ?? tell meeeeee...!!! 

just curious,