think PINK . . . !

Denim-Chiffon Shirt // Indigo Skinnies // Red Multi-Straps Sandals
Zara Bag // Silver Ring - Naughty

Minimal makeup with dramatic cat eye eyeliner and purple liner for my lower lid. 

me and the color, Pink, never really get along. pink is a color that symbolizes something really pretty, cute and super girly. nope, i am no such thing.

i scored this denim-chiffon shirt last year, because i needed something that has a collar on for school. it's a mandatory dress-code for several subjects. ... this shirt has several color options. umm.. let me think .. there's green, navy, pink and yellow. then why did i buy the pink instead ? coz it's not a pink, pink .. if you know what i mean. for me it's more to fuchsia than pink. i might be wrong tho. LOL. besides ... i need some pink, to my wardrobe. and one pink shirt wouldn't hurt.

agree to like pink a bit more,