littlest thing

Polkadot Top // Bandage Skirt // Duo Wedges
all unbranded.
how cool to have 2 materials on your shoes.
Suede and Pleather on one.
Chunky Ring - Naughty // Pyramid Ring - Roam Project

this friday theme is "TGIFF!
not the usual, TGIF. TGIFF is Thank God It's Fabulous Friday.
this whole week i rant around so much that i forget to be grateful. here's the story, shortly. ... So i was my way home that in Transjakarta UKI shelter i met an old man with a kid next to him. he was grunting around and was touching then bite one woman's purse. that kid looks fine but he is 'special'. i didn't bother to look coz i think it's impolite to stare. the the bus came, it was full. there's a conversation that was loud enough for me to hear, it was a casual convos between a woman with the old man. she offered the kid to sit down on her lap. then i overheard, the woman was bringing her kid also, and guess what ... she's a "special" kid too. she has somekinda fluid inside her head. the thing that bothers me so much that they both look so happy and i am who is "normal" enough, been spending my week for granted that i forgot that i have to be grateful for what i have. then it hits me, i have been F-ing around so much with life and not being grateful just making life treat me worse.the weekend is here and i'm just gonna chill. counting the blessings i have, which is impossible to detect one by one.

shaken up then wide awake,


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