i don't know why i have been in sucha sh*tty mood when it comes to school stuff. may be coz it's been static and believe me, not a fan.. i got several information about internship then i come to the realization that this is one of the hardest semesters to cope. my counselor said that i just have to put my game-face on and all of my focus into finishing this 5th semester, my junior year.

to pump up all the excitement that i have inside me, i have been looking at several youtube videos about "back to school outfit and makeup". this semester, i'm planning on keeping it all demure by just adding one statement piece to my whole look. i got this tartan ( or plaid ) blazer from my mom. i lost several pounds already so i can fit to my mom's old clothes and going to my target weight. ah so happy!!!

Handed Down Plaid Blazer // Tanks
Floral Mini - Cheap Cip Shop // Multistrap Sandals 

need a little oomph everyday,