boost up and off we go

Indigo Skinnies // Wedges // Chiffon Outer // Tanks // NY Snapback

this cute snapback i got from @de_voice .. got too crazy over the color coz for me, snapbacks will add such a boyish feel to your whole look. then vóila.. i got it in sucha cute colors. oh i am in love!

for days after a class hosted by Mr. Hirmana, i got such an intense feeling to cope, yet again. it was an emotional way to learn. and guess what.. i have been so stable now, then got shaken on that particular morning.. oh la la. here we go again.... *sigh* and this snapback actually give me a boost of "the hell yeah get back on your feet and just let the world wow you out!".. whatever that means.

"problems will lead you to a passage of self discovery", said one wise friend.
AHOOY, let's just sail then!!!

p.s :
i found @de_voice from Gabriella Olivia's instagram (VISIT HER here!!)
she's such an edgy girl. loooove her hair and her style!!
if only i can convince my mom to say yes to crazy-cute hair color.
yet ... let's just embrace this color. *trying to be positive*

my happy-go-lucky mode got broken,