B A N G ! !

so i chopped my bangs off, well not off .. but yeah i guess you get the idea.
i just want to. typical moody kinda person.
and so far, i'm loving my new bangs.
i love how it gives a playful and somehow cute feel to my whole look, even when i wear sucha boyish piece .. like a snapback. hmm, this shall be cute to style randomly for the next couple of days. coz my usual style is like all hair with no bangs, middle parted, or side parted.. been like that for ummm a couple years. bored of the usual me, now i'm trying something different, not new. i rocked this bangs awhile ago, in like ummm sophomore?? yeah, so i think i need something different.
what do you think?

chicha's pistachio with half chocolate coat.
mine is vanilla with full chocolate coat and almond.

chicha's green apple - dee's lychee
ice tea.

this was taken yesterday. was out for a birthday hangout with Chicaa to Central Park.
it was a Popbar day and we sure we had fun.
oh, we added some random last minute plan and headed out to Pancious at Taman Anggrek, for some ice tea and charging emergency.

uncuttable random session all day kinda day,