Jogjakarta for me, briefly

October 12 to 14, 2013
this city felt foreign to me, yet i have visited Jogja so many times.
i just felt the different vibe, vibe that Jakarta has yet the culture felt traditional.

this vacay was a key point of my sanity coz i was so stressed out about life, as i always stated on my post.
Malioboro at night was a mild wake up call,
"no matter how hard and hectic your life goes, there will always be movement, nothing but forward."
fancy, eh?

Jogja was a good de-stressing point.
nothing but laid around and going here and there, having convos and jokes with mom, pops, and bro.
not that we can't do that on a daily basis, it's just that at home everyone just so busy with their own business. 
i was on a mind-plan that went a day-to-day basis, i didn't think too much. laid back state of mind.
so Jogja was a good checkpoint.

Malioboro findings

Dagadu and it's glory.

oh, i met Kak Rosa .. a cyber friend.
we headed out to eat at Artemy (YUMMY GELATO!!)
i was in shock coz she taught me so much about life just on 1 sitting.

dear Kak Rosa, if you ever read this, i just wanna thank you for that brief chit-chat. i found enlightenment from your story for my not-so-complicated life.

for extra pics, get to my instagram!!

ready for another life phase,