Kelas Cinta from Hitman System. (they rock, hard.)
it's a website full of article that are ROMANCE based.
don't get me wrong, ... at some point we all need a lil' push on that department. you just gonna admit it..

i have been a reader of whatever they preach for ... umm, roughly 2 years (yep, there goes a long way). and strangely as it sounds, ... i feel a lot better to just cope from a day-to-day basis. why? it's because they somehow preach about romance yet the lesson was far more important than just some silly, shallow romance kinda stuff. it's more on interpersonal skill (like ... how to dress, how to carry yourself in public, topics picking, bla bla bla ...) and the best part is they can actually give a flowy-demure-verbal for such an ugly truth.

my top 5 faves are ....
  • "7 Siklus Putus Cinta" of 7 Cycle of a Broken Heart or whatever you'd put it. why? coz i am still somewhere, somehow, sometimes ... feel that. Thanks Kei Savourie for writing!!
  • "Hari Gini Jadi Be Yourself" - this is sucha masterpiece coz in todays world, there is no such thing as a "be yourself", from makeup and fashion (manual handling, LOL) to Camera360 (autopilot). it hits me hard, thinking that somehow, Lex dePraxis wrote about a thought that popped out in my mind awhile ago yet ignored and forgotten. Thanks Lex for pointing that out!!
  • "Hari Gini Tampil Apa Adanya" - this one really was a punch in the stomach for me, coz i was all about "this is me, the hell you think of me i don't mind, bla bla bla bla bla ..." AND SOMEHOW, i got shaken up by the fact that i had a crush on a boy that, i know, he liked me, yet i was considered as ONE OF THE GUY, yea yeaa, i was a tomboy. and it hurts. this was a long ago, junior high.. long before i knew Hitman System. reading this article showed me that i made a right choice to be girly and taking care of myself and try to learn how to put on makeup, maintaining my weight, and so on. Thanks Yuki Starr for the validation!
  • "Pengen Laku? Bagusin Kemasan Anda" by Hitman System - this one is a HUGE statement for boys, or men.. (pick your side, ..wisely) as a girl or woman (i'm still in between, by the way. just turned 20 last wednesday) i can relate to that article coz who wants to date a frumpy, creepy, dirty, smelly guy? ewwww, gross!!
  • "5 Tanda Terjebak Friendzone" - everybody, like every-body had or still stuck in the friendzone, yep that death zone. been there, done that. just to embarrassed to admit it, yes? Mikael done a great job to not make this article a lecture that judge hard, at least from my POV. Thanks El!!
y'all jut need to crash their website, visit them and just feel a breeze of a positive change, .. (fancy words, eh?)
maneuver yourself well, coz they have quite complete topics.

what an ad. LOL

Men - Woman - PDKT
(what the hell is PDKT in English?!)

Single Life - Relationship - Broken Heart (. . . and all the "ex" glory)

this post is just a chunk of what i read, my POV.
yes, they do help me, a lot. they don't even know.

p.s :
if you experience some enlightenment after reading article(s) i link throughout this post, please give a shout out to @kelascintacom .. ASAP.
*recommended for Indonesian reader and i am not paid to do this post*

BE YOUR BEST SELF and SPREAD THE LOVE (it's their words, by the way.. oh i love 'em words!!)


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