power regain

last friday i dyed my hair with red henna, just to get a lil' vibe of red on my roots. i freakin' love it!! i dont know why i have been so obsessed with colors. the strange part is that i keep my outfit on a monochrome theme. oh why, oh why ...

here it is .. i have a thing for bold eye makeup.. may be because i think my eyes are my best feature. i just love to accentuate my eyes. or may be this is something to make my eyes stand out and put my Default Bitch Face on display. (i just don't mean to look mean!!!)

Handed Down Sweater // Bandage Skirt // DC Snapback - Malioboro findings
Sheer Tights // Oxford Heels - bought in Singapore

p.s :
it's my birthday and i feel pretty much the same beside the "gosh i hit 20 already!!!" ..
umm.. decided to dedicated this year to a self-upgrade, all year long... (let's see how it goes, shall we?)
coz baby, comfort zone is a dead zone.

acting tough to feel tough,