sometimes, it is best to just relax and slacking around.
i got this dress from my aunt. and for me, this flowy dress is so demure for slacking around yet still effortlessly chic. just pair it with skinny belt to add some color and throw on your wedges or pumps, and voilĂ  ... you look cute already. i have been longing to get a maxi dress, yet i don't have the time to browse around dress that fits me well. and TA DA ..... my aunt sent me this cutie. (thanks, Bun!!)

this week is a silent-busy kinda week. why? 
coz i barely have time to get a proper sleep. more or less 5 hours a day and it is not healthy. so i have been getting naps here and there just to catch up for some sleep. 
pfffttt, Uni student.

Handed Down Polkadot Maxi Dress // Skinny Belt - Vinci // Wedges Pump

now a sleep-when-and-where-you-can kinda person,