Toko Oen, Semarang - Photo Diary

it's a picture diary from Toko Oen, Semarang.
let's start, ...

October 11, 2013
so i was on a mini road trip, a family vacay ... 
first stop.. Semarang, Central Java.
it was a 14 hour drive coz we decided to travel a bit far, a rumored traffic at the shorter road, turned out, there's no traffic. GAH!!

arrived at the hotel at 2am on Saturday. October 12, 2013.
we stayed at Ibis Hotel. uber tired yet we still managed to threw on some jokes.. weird family, i know. hehehe. the room we stayed in was a hella comfy one, with a pretty view.... LOVE!! 
*shout out for MOM .. she rocks!! and also for POPS, he drove like a over-manly-man. you rock, POPS!!*

at about 10am we headed out for Jogja!!! ... then mom decided to get us to this vintage eatery for some brunch,... Toko Oen. they have one whole page of ice cream treat! heaven, eh? :p

here are pics, let's all drool together !

Rainbow Oen Ice Cream

Homemade Garlic Bread

another Ice Cream set, don't remember the name,
it was a five scoop heaven

they also sell oldies snacks!!


Gastronomic Award, fancy!!

old cash register
for extra pics, get to my instagram!!

happy lil' girl,