cold days ahead

excuse me for the cheesy-childish bedsheet.

for us, Indonesian, ... month names that end with "-ber" are the wet months. black clouds, rains, storms, winds, ... yeah, yeah you name it. lately it's been so cold that the gloomy weather affect me hard.  i'm getting back with my blankie, just so you know.  this weather just put me on a "please let me curl up in bed for at least one more hour!!!" mood. weekends? i have excuse to wake up at noon when the temperature is somehow warmer. weekdays? ummm, with an 8am class? ain't nobody have time fo' that.

so here's how i cope with cold days, ..
good book, which i haven't been able to finish yet ..
water, to keep me hydrated ..
blogwalking, blogging, and twitter, to keep me entertained ..
my stereo-bluetooth headset, to have some eargasm ..
and hot Thai-tea, to warm me up.
.... i usually do school task in between hours but i'm now just not in the mood. 
(pfffft, students and their excuses.)

p.s :
anyone know how to feel warm and energized in the morning when i really have to rush for school?

gloomy is underrated,