meet me halfway

yep, i am not the skinny-chick type of "fashion blogger".
then why should i not be a fashion blogger just because i'm not skinny ?
oh all hail the internet and it's glory. everybody just simply can express themselves all they want. it's all about body image, ... and confidence.

" confidence is addictive "

i wasn't a confident girl until high-school, coz i attended the same school since kindergarten to junior-high. the same friends around, the same workers, security, and the same teacher.. everybody know everybody. i was reluctant to change coz i don't think it will make a difference, and not to mention that i was comfortable the way i was. the freakin deathly zone, the comfort zone. then later on 9th grade, my mom told me that i needed to step outta my comfortable environment. she enrolled me to government-public school. oh i was trapped in hell, i didn't even wanna get up in the morning. it went a long way to realize that i should be improving my self, nobody knows me.. i got nothing to lose, really. and by that time i could really tell that being confidence can get you through so much in life. i got new friends, their trust, i achieved such a position on English Club, ... suddenly everybody knows me. the freakin fat girl, who people said hello to. the freakin fat girl, who's in charge to take decisions.

then there i was, addicted to the effect confidence brings. i felt really good inside then i started to expand the "feeling good" to the outside. coz hey.. when you look good, you feel good. loosing weight, hair treatment, skincare routine, bla bla bla you name it. and you can tell, obviously.. that the journey hasn't finished just yet. but the thing is, when you're being confident, you just appreciate yourself a lil' more. you gonna be in a state of mind that you believe that you deserve a better, finer things in life. it just leaves you craving for improvement. 

gurl, .. you gotta do what you gotta do. whatever it is. be confident and trust me ... you gotta achieve everything that you wanna achieve. being confident will take you to places that you have never been to and may be never will when you're being insecure.
it's a good addictive thing, really.

handed-down oversized cardigan // handed-down tie-dye (self cut) cropped tee
indigo skinnies // unbranded wedges // sesame street, Elmo snapback

took an oath to do an all year long self improvement,