Indonesia Creative Week 2013 - Day 1

just before the Fashion Parade,
Chilling at Mochilla

i attended the Indonesia Creative Week 2013 Fall/Winter.
here's a bit of their Fashion Parade - day 1

what i love about the Pierdy's colection is that they made a perfect staple pieces that feels casual-formal. it's a simple collection with a twist. you can either dress it up, or dress it down. 

Irma Dewi's collection is more to a party pieces. cocktail party pieces with embossment as your accessories. the pieces are already festive enough that i don't think you need more accessories to make them stand out. and she puts them in black with gold embossment. 
what can i say... black and gold, never gets old.

this collection is somehow feels formal to me, somehow with a wedding party feel to them. she made those pieces with 3 staple colors that every woman should have. black, gold, and red. tho still feels formal, i get the idea of an edginess that burst outta the pieces. from now on .... say "no"to a simple wedding party attire?

VISIT THEM HERE for more info

i actually can bring a friend to this event.
join me? :)

extra link:
Indonesia Creative Week Day 2

can't wait for tomorrow,