Indonesia Creative Week 2013 - Day 2

my day started with this Fashion Talk, The Impression of Branding and Marketing.
tho i can't really relate, but i get the idea of how you should believe in your brand and promote them, yet you shouldn't go far away from your "brand believe".

this collection dominated by blue, cobalt blue.
the color gave the impression of a classy yet manageable feel. i love how this collection use simple precise cutting yet they play with it a bit. the collection is just pretty.

again, cocktail dresses. can't get enough...
this collection plays with cut-outs, well it's still a big trend.. and mostly black (oh what's not to love!!) the vibe was just playfully classic. you can really use most of the dresses to work, formal dinner, party ... and the list goes on. one more thing to love is that ..... it still feels young.

since i know nothing about how men's fashion should look but "masculine and sexy" ... these scream HOT HOT HOT !
yep, boys.. you can look this good with traditional garments. of course styled and made based on the big city lifestyle. oh my, oh my .. rich and simple. married those two and you can have these babies.
those leather jacket, made in Garut, and the brand had travelled to Hongkong Fashion Week. talk about Local product for international eyes!

TY❤RA m.o.d.e.s.t.e.
lost for words. these are just so good of a design. combines all of those cutting, traditional garments and prints. this is how you should do your typical old Tenun in todays world.
LOVE is underrated. i could die!

NARESVARI is more to a sweet formal look, yet edgy and daring. i just love these, *drools*
for me, NARESVARI is simple, cute, sweet, formal, conventional, ... yet edgy and daring.
double dead.

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