equipped, as Lex would say


first of all, 
sorry for the bad quality of the pics,
just really want to update. not really much to rely on except for my blackberry onyx and taken by Asti.

so i had a day out with Asti to attend a class that hosted by HS. it was freakin aweeeeesome.
again, i put everything on the "interpersonal skill" improvement.
not really much to talk about here, coz apparently i'm still processing.

anyway, just wanna thank Ko Mizu, Ko Lex, Ko Kei, Jeanne, Monica, 
and all who really took the time to arrange the class and made my day.

Batman Shirt, Flare Skirt, wedges booties - unbranded
oversized broken white cardi - handed-down

Pasta something with Katsu (and garlic bread) - ice tea.
Palem Cafe, Central Park.

the garlic bread was beyond delish, the ice tea was good.
combine good food and a good day, i pretty much had the best day!!

the girl now know how to play the game right,