go, go, go!

shorter ombre-ish hair

as random as i will ever be.
it was raining like crazy this afternoon, i figured i just need to have a lil' shoot. so i assembled this random fan printed top and this bandage skirt. put my snapback on, and then grabbed my converse. 
a simple well-put-together outfit for running errands.

lately i have been so drained. don't know how, don't know why.
it's just as soon as i get home, i just see my bed and just went .... fainted.
that's why i chose this slightly sporty look, coz i just need to be fit to face the end of the semester.
junior year, 5th semester, third year. i am swimming in papers and finals. 
one year to go, Dee. hang in there ... *fingers crossed*

DAGADU snapback // unbranded - fan printed top and bandage skirt
converse 2009 LImited Ed.
need to have errands to do beside school,


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