Indonesia Creative Week 2013 - Day 4

FIRST thing first ...
i got a second row seat and i wasn't too happy with the pics i took.
so, sorry for some blurry pics you about to see.

house of ninoes
a new way to wear hijab but doesn't look too much. casual wise, yet formal.
best of both, .. or may be three world.

semi-formal outfit that plays with geometrical pattern. 
crafted with care and sent a vibe of a dynamic lifestyle.

wyle .. (read: while)
this is a collection that is too simple. not bad "too simple", but it's a good "too simple" coz you can wear them around and have so much room to wiggle, to play with your own style. 
the highlight of this brand was the shoes used. the shoes weren't theirs, yet chosen carefully to complement the outfit.

more to a formal wear, simple pretty cocktail dresses.
what was really cute was the mom and kid pieces. you know how lil' girl has that matchy-matchy outfit with their moms, right? it's not the cutting, as you can see. it's how you give character to the mom's outfit and a playful, cheery outfit for the lil' girl.

dana collection
a typical batik outfit that you wear to some occasions, like weddings, party, reunions .. you name it.
what makes them different is that they made it with an up to date cutting with mix-match of loud print and loud color. wear these and you just gonna be the center of attention, in a BAM. 
what more a girl could ask for? 

obie erlangga
this collection screams edgy, sexy, heart throbbing, and more than meets the eyes.
for me, these are pieces that you wear to a wedding, YOUR wedding.
it's the bride's day, am i right or super right?
i love these.

now the Indonesia Creative Week 2013 fall/winter collection had ended. i feel so blessed that i can actually came and watch aaaaall the fashion parade that they arranged. for the past 4 days, i actually did what i am passionate about at the moment. i could have a glimpse of how people in the industry work. and yes, this girl is planning to have a job in either TV or Magazine.
oh, the next ICW of 2014 will be in Bandung at Trans Studio Mall. 
so, Bandung... are you ready ?

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  1. love the cut out shoes :D
    amazing collection



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