break out

in the mood for some crazy eyeliner and red lipstick. why? coz i can't wear them outta the house without getting stared at, plus ... i have been longing for some badass look since Mr. Charmer asked me to dress as sweet as i can for our ... mmm... date? *blushed* here it is with a date, you know how i gravitate to some random first date outfits right? ... but in this particular post i just want to break free. being (and dressing) sweet just rejuvenated yourself as a girl. no kidding. but a girl gotta have fun, eh? and this is how i have some fun. cray cray eyeliner. 

this particular outfit is not for any kind of occasion, i just get random clothes from my closet and wear them. all unbranded stuff so i don't think i need to put any caption on any pic.

a lil' rebel in me,


  1. You look amazing!:)

  2. such a great look! your make-up looks gorgeous and i'm in love with this dress:)

    lots of love xx

  3. Cool! :)
    Follow? :)

  4. Hi! You have got very cool ideas and you are amazing. I am a new blogger. I subscribed to you, subscribe to me, too.

  5. Cute outfit and im loving the red lipstick look! X


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