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iMerchandise Fashion APP

On a perfect buying trip, your designer tote would be filled with stilettos instead of crumpled up line sheets and order forms. Your iPhone photo stream would consist of runway models, rather than next season’s must-haves. And the hours after appointments would be spent sipping cocktails downtown – not stressing about creating vision boards by cutting and pasting little black dresses.

This fashion buyer’s dream is now a reality with iMerchandise. It allows all of us who shop for a living the ability to streamline and simplify the entire wholesale clothing buying process. With this app, you can snap a photo, create a “fashion story” and organize merchandise by categories. Stop worrying about impulse buying because now you can submit orders without ever opening a notebook and second guessing your scribbled delivery dates.

Purchasing from various designers doesn’t need to be a chore like spring cleaning your closet. Manage multiple brands and categories by using iMerchandise to properly pair and create outfits before the garments are even on hangers. This app also allows the user to combine fashion week photos and line sheets from multiple showrooms and turn them all into polished looks. iMerchandise can be used to develop and send orders to vendors and coordinate deliveries, all within your time constraints. You can easily input your merchandise budgets and keep tabs on your dollars, putting an end to over buying anxiety. This fashion app was created by a fellow buyer who understands that you didn’t get into this business because you love crunching numbers and filling in spreadsheets.

So, go out and buy the cutest case you can find for your iPad, because if you have iMerchandise, that’s all you’ll need to carry during market this year.

"but but but ....how exactly this app runs?"
i said during my observation through the website.

Creating an organized and efficient wish list for each fashion event is a snap – literally – with the app’s self-focusing camera.

Whether you are scouting out the latest trends on a buying trip or sitting in the front row of a runway show, you can simply take pics of every coveted must have or potential purchase and iMerchandise will handle the rest.


The excitement doesn’t have to end once the last model has left the catwalk. After each event, you can easily set up boards to keep track of all the eye-popping images you captured. iMerchandise allows you to organize and move around your pics as often as you rearrange your closet by categories like season, delivery or designer. You can even populate your boards by copying and pasting from your favorite fashion platforms or the line sheets emailed by your reps. This is one-stop shopping at its best.

Unlike the chaos that goes on backstage at a fashion show, navigating around your boards is simple and intuitive. Whether you want to shift a picture to the front or back, copy it or move it to a completely different board, just place your freshly manicured finger on the image and voilĂ ! You can also sort pics based on the sections in your retail establishment, such as dressy or casual, accessories or shoes, and manage a virtual store right at your fingertips.

You don’t need to keep your stylish finds to yourself. Print your images, or be a social media darling and impress your friends and fellow fashionistas on Facebook and Twitter. You can ditch the annoying paperwork and email your pictures directly to your rep and create an order – freeing you up for more important tasks (like shopping!)


Relive the highlights of every buying trip, and view your picks in one convenient place. Whether running off to your next appointment or taking a quick break for a nonfat soy latte, simply tab Gallery and experience the events all over again. 

You can also plan ahead and add your event before you board the plane or hop in a cab, leaving you with one less item on your endless to do list, and a little more time to catch up on your Netflix queue.


You came, you saw, you coveted. When it’s comes time to enter all the deets on your latest and greatest finds, iMerchandise makes it easy. Assign a style number, ship date, season, showroom purchase price and MSRP mark-up to each of your products, and see the retail price for your customers. You can then attach the product to your event, category and supplier.

But that’s not all – find the right color and sizes you’re buying for each product, and share it on Facebook and Twitter, print it out for reference or email the info to anyone (or everyone). Each product will be assigned with the photo you took or the image you copied and pasted into boards from other fashion platforms.

Despite your perfectionist tendencies, the occasional mix up is inevitable. But if you use this app, you may never lose track of order details again. Simply create your order from an existing product and add the quantities you plan to purchase. 

You stay in control of the entire process, and eliminate careless errors on color or sizes. Users can double check spending for the month, and make sure they’re not over budget (of course, that would never happen to you). iMerchandise then seamlessly creates a PO number and a PDF order that you can send off to your rep with all the bells and whistles, like product info and images.

all info were taken from the official website

you can have a full cover info here WEBSITE they really lay it flat to the table about how this one majestic app runs.  and from my end is that ....... looking their Website i just can't help but drool. it's shopping from the runway with you fingertips, without the roughness.

gosh now i need to seriously get an iPad,


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