surviving 2013 - Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters

i was inspired with Adolescent Chic's post when suddenly i realized that i survived 2013 with the help of so many youtubers. they're all ALL, awe-freakin-some. but here's the one that reaaaaally influenced me to this day .. 


this channel belongs to JENN IM ... she hosted some series of fashion and beauty videos. that all includes hauls, monthly faves, giveaway pressies, thrifties, aaaaand vloggs.

how does she help you?
she believes in fashion is wearing what you love instead of what the society accepts. and this took me a long, long way. i can now be more experimental on my style. i am more confident in expressing my own self, regardless on what people say about me. i managed to ignore some of the "talk-me-down" people that exist INSIDE my life.

for Jenn, if you ever read this..
thank you for being there (well, not exactly) when i am stuck and feeling bad about myself. you mean so much to me. thanks for the inspiration. wishing you a great year ahead.

check her out!!



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  2. Great Post! I love Jenn!
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  3. Lovely post and great blog!

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    Happy New Year ♥

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