[ REVIEW ] Natividad Buitron

Natividad Buitron is a high end womenswear brand made for sophisticated women who understand quality and want to wear unique, graceful, cutting-edge garments, that have a creative twist and yet a long-lasting purpose. we aim to provide any type of garment a dynamic woman requires: Daily wear and Occasion wear.
The designing process in this label is carried out with love for the art of fashion and tailoring. We try to have a combination of simply stunning garments with others that are effortless chic, keeping the whole line confortable to wear. Instead of imposing garments that hide the women´s figure, NB adapts each design emphasizing all the femininity, to express it in a sober yet sensual manner. Dramatizing every line the body draws, by using organic and architectural lines, we manage to build a clean and outstanding garment, with simple but refine finishings.


London-based designer Natividad Buitron was born in Spain. Always fascinated and keen on any type of art, fashion is where she shows real commitment. After quitting architecture for her true passion, Natividad moved to London to study Fashion design in Istituto Marangoni. Since her graduation in 2012, she completed her formation at London College of Fashion, and also gained experience working for several ready to wear and couture houses, before creating her own label.


here are some of the collection that catches my heart .... 

A/W - 12

A/W - 12

A/W - 13

and these are their newest collection of Spring/Summer 2014

photo and info were taken from the official website of Natividad Buitron

as stated, NB is made for sophisticated women and do you know what's best from this brand?? ... from my point of view, this brand provide us with a blank canvas. their cutting is so simple and demure so you can wiggle around with your own style and preferences. you can really dress it up for formal occasion with statement jewelry, or you can dress it down for work, meeting, or even a date! it's sweet and feminine enough to be given some edge by rocking the moto-jacket, don't you think???
as you know that i am a sucka for pretty dresses, i just can't help but seeing these pieces and then adding my own twits to the outfit.

forever in love with pretty dresses,


  1. Nice review dear! Great collection, I wanna grab them all :D Thank you so much for your fashion advice in my blog, I really appreciate it! Happy new year, stay happy and healthy ya ;)

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  7. Amazing dresses! I love pink + purple one :)

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  9. I love all of these unique pieces! & such interesting fabric! Looking forward to your future posts ;D

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