slouching busily

Dagadu DIY cropped tee - hand me down
necklace - Romwe
black bodycon dress, oxford heels, mesenger bag - unbranded
snapback - de_Voice

this week is kinda drowsy. i have nothing to do besides just planning my future. doing some schedules and itsy bitsy preps for my intership. like Qs up, tables, what trend to cover, bla bla bla. but since internet connection isn't that good because of the rain, i can't do much but doing offline stuff. so i apologize for the lack of posting here. 

so then i received my romwe necklace. it's pink 3D triangle, whatta cutie! 
since i don't own that much color in my wardrobe, i was planning to paired the necklace with all black with the necklace as a pop of color. turned oooout, nope .. i paired these ensemble. as usual, this is a good option for running errands or a lunch date with some girl friends. it's comfortable enough for slouching around the house for a lazy day too!! 

i dyed my hair again, just the roots tho, with Pillarbox Red by Manic Panic.

for those who is searching for the perfect cute and worth the money kinda snapback, you can definitely go to de_Voice's instagram. i linked it in my outfit detail up there ...

pink-ish mood,


  1. Your shoes are fabulous! I want a pair exactly like that one :)


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