i fell for them

top, wedges -  unbranded
skirt - Cheap Cip Shop
Jacket - stolen from Mom

have you ever been so frustrated that you end up just standing, going nowhere, putting everything on hold yet yelling "screw this!" ?? ... i am now. the state of mind that i usually have on every freaking mid-semester, yeah.. whining about the situation. now it's only the third week and i am just wanna give up. i just wanna get this over with and pursue my passion, ... fashion. as i told, i have Mr. Hirmana a.k.a Papi as a lecturer again. attending his class was never a learn, learn thing, but instead ... he, somehow, always guide me to get through my pain. yeah, i am shallow to always complain about the pain. what i get about the last class i had was "pain will always be there, your job is to ignore and do what you love then let your love for things heal you up". so i sink myself to my internship, well... my internship friends to be exact. you must know that they're the friends to die for when it comes to talk about fashion, ... i repeat, TO DIE FOR. coz they just fall into the right place. i am so freaking blessed to have them.

i dedicate this for for Adi. he asked me to be his Fashion Advisor for a day. well, i had fun !! we just laugh non-stop and talk about things. he helped me to cope somehow. it's just rejuvenating to just randomly talk about random things. so Embeb, if you ever read this, thank you so much!!

one can only have fun whenever they let go and just live in the moment,


  1. Love your outfit :)

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  2. such a cute outfit, love the skirt x


  3. I love your wedges and the whole outfit is super adorable!



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