really was broken

so then i had a discussion on LINE with my lovely friends, my muse(s). Yesaya was on a confusion on what he should wear to a party hosted by Jakarta Euphoria Project. we somehow agreed on all black, black and white, and all white. solids. yet Adi had to come to the plate and give another opinion, his opinion. well, since it's a discussion, everyone is welcomed to say what's in it for them. no joke. and i was like .. it's a good way to plan a wardrobe. yes, the chat part.. then ... EUREEKA !! i got an idea to wear black and white with a bang of something... then my metallic sneaker wedges came outta the idea. i don't know why i put this all together. i just love the idea of a metallic out off the black and white.

i just wanna thank Adi, Yesaya, Tiwi, and Rizky for a random hangout last Tuesday. definitely a burden lifting out of the mellow thing i called "broken heart". i feel like, the best friendship is the one that wasn't planned.. the one that really just popped outta nowhere.

unbranded fedora, tights, tanks, white button down, and tie
Metallic Sneaker Wedges - GOSH

love comes in a different form,


  1. lovely. I love the shoes though <3

    keep sharing love,

    A Lone Cat Journey

  2. You can never go wrong in black and white. Those are my go-to as well when in doubt. Love the footwear :)

    The Style Boro


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