coming back

hello everyone ...
i'm so sorry for being MIA .. :(
i have an issue that i'm working on regarding my camera so i can't post my regular outfit post .. yes, i am so bummed out, but i have a new phone which is nice, LOL. i gave up my lovely Blackberry Onyx 9780 for a Lenovo S920. now officially an Android type of gal, and planning on being an Apple-guy or girl, as my lovely baby bro would say, soon.

umm ... as you probably would tell if you follow me on instagram, i went on an annual family vacay to Pramuka Island, ... been going there for trips roughly ... almost 10 years? idk, it's been so long that i can't even remember. ... photo diaries and some outfit post i managed to take is now underway on email as now my camera is sick. i pinky promise you the post in the next day or so.

life wise? .. as i usually rant, vent, whatever you call it, here on the blog .. I AM SO DRAINED!! it's in the mind i guess. memories strangely now coming back to me as i tried to move along to the better place, ... i guess it's the way it should be. i just have to set my eyes on the price, not on the obstacle along the way.

patience is the key,