too blue to be true

HERE IS NOW ... the post i promised you about (see why, HERE!). 

ok, let me tell you from a to z about the trip.
so here goes ...

March 22nd ... as usual, we left the house at probably 4.30am and headed to Muara Angke Harbour. the place is still as dirty and smelly as usual. what do you expect? .. it's a fish market, and people do throw anything and everything everywhere all over the place. other than that ... it's ok, it's cheaper with a sense of adventure, no? we (mi familia), went along with mom's friends and their family. then we depart, or sail away for approximately 3 hours or so i slept my head off coz the sea wasn't exactly friendly. it was cloudy, just because. then i arrived to a sunny, breezy island!! after changed clothes (i wore some tee, cardigan, and ripped jeans) to flowy hi-low skirt and some tee along with sunnies and hat i scouted place to take pictures with mom. it wasn't a hard thing to do because everything looked so good just because the sun was happy! i spent the rest of the day just fooling around, took pictures, read a book and call it a day.

day 2 .. March 23rd was a disaster. it rained like so bad and just freakin cold. i freaked out, just because. gone are the days of my beautiful sunny vacay. decided to spice up the mood by going minty green and throw a plaid vest on. taking pictures was tricky because we have no sun what so evaaaa. but we managed to cope. spent the rest of the day chitchatting and packing up again then left for the city at 12pm. the sea was surprisingly calm .. and a lot of sun occured. (dang it!) arrived home and back to reality yet refreshed.

tee, hi-low skirt, sunnies - unbranded / bag, straw hat - granny's hand me down

this is what me, brother, and dad munched at the freakin 10pm.

jammies, anyone ... ?

mint dress - gift from Auntie / plaid vest - mom's hand me down / bracelets - thrifts

shallow shore that goes on and on ... the tide is up.

p.s : all the pics was taken by my new phone (yay!!) coz the camera is not available. but the pics was surprisingly ok. no?

now can't wait for Semarang Trip,


  1. i want that pocky >.<


  2. Hey sweetie, your blog is really nice !
    would you like we follow each other on GFC ?
    Let me know and i follow you back :)

    kisses from France

  3. Lovely!

    Wanna follow eachother on bloglovin?

  4. what a lovely day at the beach!! love this post <3

    kindly check out my blog, Xoxo Diras

  5. Thanks, following you now:)
    Maggie from

  6. lovely pics! and looks like you had a great time!


  7. we are totally in love with these pics!
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  8. I almost forget when did the last time I go to beach..
    this is beautiful.. :)



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