[ REVIEW ] Etude House Nail Polish - Play #86

hi !
so my Aunt was on a vacay to Korea and she bought this as a gift for me. i am not much of a beauty girl, moreover nail-person, but what type of girl that reject such a cute nail polish ? ... by the way, i'm so sorry for the messy result. ran outta acetone so i guess i just have to take care of this messiness tomorrow.  since Etude House is a leading brand of beauty product, i know the product is in a very good quality, if not great. i usually rely on dark and bright nail polish, but this color really catch my attention once my Auntie ask me to pick the nail polish.. i would say that this one is mint, soft or pastel mint. and boooooy, ... i am in love with mint for like ummm, .. a year now. 

now, .... the nail polish itself.

[ + ] easy to apply, dry quickly, perfect liquid thickness, cute color(s), good gloss even without top coat.
[ - ] need to be applied quite a few times to reach a good opacity. i need 3 coats after each coat dry.

i rate them 8.5/10.
why ? because, opacity in 1 coat is a big deal for me. with 1 coat i can make less of a mess. but overall, i am in love with this nail polish. i might get them after i run out of this one. 

picture taken from Google

picture taken from Google

picture taken from Google
April 4, 2014
here's my nails ... after some damage control

some hairmask in action. the colors are similar to my nails!!!! ... oh i'm in love!

planning on venture to beauty side of a blog,


  1. Gorgeous colors! Each one is so beautiful!!! I want them all ;-) Thx for sharing girl.

  2. Cute post!

    Lucy x


  3. i love this color!! so girly and perfect for spring!! :)


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  5. oh when my friend went to singapore he got me a nail polish of a similar colour. hahaha i'd love to see how your fingers look with that colour!
    re: thanks for being so sweet :) hope your dates have been wonderful :p


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