bright block

random flip flop situation coz i left my sneaks in the car 

who doesn't instagram their meal nowadays?

bracelet closeup

sunnies, top - unbranded // sneaker - converse
mint flare skirt - GClothes // bracelets : eleftheria

greetings from Semarang, ... it's a family trip but decided to spent today for a hangout with Tiwi and Adi. we took pictures in Sam Poo Khong and Old Town. ( missing Rizky terribly ) .... visit their page!! you will find some random freakin cool blog. no kidding!!!

had a sudden clarity about how we need to get shaken up with harsh truth about how universe make things work. now appreciating how easy my life was.. or at least after i decided to get tough and make an actual decision about my life. ok ........ outfit wise ... i'm still in love with mint. in this outfit i mixed black (all time fave color) and mint. the sneakers are probably my fave too, comfy converse no one can deny.

pardon my writer's block.
umm ... i'm as tall as him ...? naaaah, just one stair up.

oh how i'm so gonna miss her and our inside jokes ... :)

photo taken by my lovely baby Bro, Tiwi, Adi, and self timer.

wishing more of a drama free life,


  1. Love your skirt :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    And please click on the links of would really mean a lot.

  2. LOVE the colour of your skirt!! It's perfect for summer!!

    Layla xx -hope we can follow each other xx


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