Glommy No Worry Get Patterned to Dressale

the past few days has been more of a juggle of a blown-up stormy rain and hot blaze get-roasted sun, not exactly my cup of tea. the weather has left me feeling drained out and cranky.. since i always dress as what i feel inside, i gravitate toward plain outfit, or more gloomy i might say. 

so then i decided to build up my mood by window shopping... since i know Dressale has so many options on shoes, and as i am a shoes-addict, it's a non-questionable gesture to just browse around the web for retail therapy. my eyes can't get over a pair of patterned shoes i saw at the very first page then my head rang ... I NEED THEM.

why patterned shoes?
it's really a rule of thumb for me to just go crazily plain on your clothes then go wild over your shoes. you can only wear 1 pattern on your body and still have the need to pile on more pattern piece(s). not to mention that mix-match-madness is never a good morning-kickstart... yes, girls? so, the idea of going crazy with your shoes and then walk out the door feeling fabulous is the way we gonna have it. stress less, be more fabulous.

i know the majority of my readers are the ones who's in school, have tons of errands to get done everyday, in the dating-world, single and so ready to mingle, and everything in between..... here i present 6 shoes that i love. from this list, i hope you will be less confused since there are so many options in Dressale

tell me what you think, and may be recommend me some more shoes??

*fingers crossed* gloomy no more,


  1. amazing post! <33
    would you like to follow each other ?


    1. thankyou! I already follow you back too <33

      keep in touch :)

  2. lovely idea ..thank you for sharing this ,it's so inspirational for knowing the new comers of shoes..
    followed u on gfc,dear....

  3. Very beautiful shoes ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  4. ahhh, i love shoes, these are lovely!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comment :)

  5. OMG those shoes!! Kewl! Dee buruan beliin akuuu ;D

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. Amazing selection of shoes.:) Thank you for sharing this inspiration :))


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