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top, shoes, black bodycon skirt - unbranded / hat - hand me down
necklace - Eleftheria

fun fact about this post ... this was shot just before the pouring rain so i didn't have the proper amount of pictures to choose from, but i managed to get just enough. as you probably noticed if you follow my instagram is my shorter hair. i cut them by myself as a tribute to Jenn Im, and somehow i am loving this just-at-the-shoulder-hair (tho still some days i missed my long hair so bad).

this top is just an everyday top that i usually rock to school, with some skinnies of course.. decided to make it a dress, because it's long enough and btw, it's knitted..!! so it's ultra comfy for chilly kind of day, ... not like me at all to work with this color, am i ? ... spiced it up with a neon pink necklace from Eleftheria. this week will be so busy, ... and i already loose the spirit of getting things done. what should i do?? would you guys tell me how you cope and overcome this kind of crappy mood??? tell me please :)

embracing the new hair,


  1. aaah anyway kt bertemu muka di IFW & infare? hahah thanks for the compliment ya sayy, next time kl ktmu sapa ajaa hihi :)

  2. Love the white top! And hey, if it's long enough why not rock it as a dress?! :)

    The Style Boro

  3. lovely look :)

  4. Love this look! So cute! :)

  5. Hai thanks for the nice comment on my blog :D
    Btw Great top and cute necklace dear


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