simply tough

sometimes, you just gotta toughen up for the fact that life goes on, yet it's not all the glitzy one that you want and had planned. relationships crashes, friendship ends, and everybody have their own war to end. last week i had a session with Papi and you know what? .. i learned that i am a melancholy, the always prepared, the a to z. then i realized that the plan i made for so long had just crashed in between my feet coz someone bumped me on purpose.. shattered into pieces.  i always end up left alone in the dark then outta nowhere, the person just comeback like nothing ever happened. you know what i did the last time i got stuck at that situation? ... i ignore. coz frankly i was just tired of trying. when someone clutter your life so bad, what do you need to do? CLEAN the freakin UP.

it's funny how "cleaning up" goes,... it's rudely done, by yours truly. i was never the mean person to start the day with, but somehow when you feel irked, you just gotta react. and booooy, an anger is not the emotion you wanna mess up with. i was never the shy person to get along with, .. i might shut my mouth for awhile just to adapt with how you roll, but never shy. i am the sweetest person, both mean and nice way, you would ever know to just have mini-random-chitchats... but never fake. i am straightforward, sarcastic, and sometimes rude .... but i will never sugarcoat nothin'. it's them girls who just be marshmallow yet filled with nasty, fish juice that have problem of me doing myself. 

the outfit is the symbolization of me starting fresh, at last (aaaaaaaaa *choir fx*). the white and the jeans are the most simple wardrobe a girl can put on, on a lazy day. the wedges booties have a role in toughen up the simple get up. it might not be the most stylish outfit ever blogged, but it's just me being moi. i'm just so done with the first quarter of 2014. i'm just so done getting so many problems thrown at me at once. as Papi said earlier today, ... problems are just opportunities of learning. but i am just so done. let's just learn as much as we can, prepare for life ahead, ... but please i am so done getting things straighten up. no more troubled past, no more hatred, no more draggy people in my life, and the most important ... i am the number one priority in my life. coz baby, ... no one will bother to build you up when you're done trying. be you, and let the rest of the world follow.

here's to a fresh start ... cheers,


  1. love ur shoes.. and ur dialy outfit it's look so comfort...
    and ur jeans i like the colour...


  2. you look great! Im follow you :)
    Plase visit my blog..

  3. Adorable shoes! Simple outfit is my all time favorite :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. Super cute shoes!

  5. Great outfit! Very nice blog you have!

  6. Lovely casual look, nice outfit !
    Would you like to follow each other?


  7. In this outfit, you look different..
    is it because your hair?


    1. just a lil' bit longer hair kok, Bang ... :))

  8. love ur casual look :)


  9. Hey Dee i just nominated you for Liebster Award!
    Check on my post



  10. lovely :)

    love the shoes!


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