studded sweetly

studded sheer top - Cavalier // shoes, floral skirt - unbranded

for the past week or so, life has been "ok". the week ran so quick and i don't think i get much out of it. the turning point of the week was shockingly absurd. so i was watching The Croods on TV then when it get to the climax, i was crying like a freakin baby. well, it wasn't that sad, .. but i just couldn't help myself to cry. then i asked myself, ... DUDE WHAT THE HELL WRONG WITH YOU? and yes, i still can't figure out why. so that's that ...

for the past weeks.. my post got comments from various well-known fashion bloggers. IT'S a VERY BIG DEAL for me. it's just .. they get outta their way to read my post and actually gave a comment.
oh ... they are soooooo lovely!!!

this outfit happened just because i need to have more of a ... private hangout with the opposite sex. yes, the D word. it is very cute when i switched into the cute-mode that i always end up having when it comes to getting ready for a date. (there, i said it) i always getting that antagonist face when it comes to taking pictures.. but somehow this outfit looks even date-ish and cute by smiling. as i observe various fashion bloggers, i rarely see them smiling for pictures. may be it's the trend, but really i don't copy anyone when it comes to just putting on "the face" and there is someone who is always smiling and looks extra cute.. it's Wynne. as i mentioned in a comment on her post how i always stalk her blog for a date outfit ideas, it's really affecting my perspective on dressing up everyday. and there are Gaby, Aiiness, Lizelisabeth, and so many bloggers that affect my edgy way of dressing. i haven't found my staple style yet, ... but i think it's a good thing. why ? coz i can be a chameleon and really do whatever i wanna do, put on whatever i wanna put on, and having various style at once. may be i will find my own style, but may be i won't. let's just evolve calmly, shall we ?

i wanna rant a bit ..
so then i was having a little fling, but it didn't work out just because childishness and the urge to play blame-game are uncured diseases. i just want to have someone who's emotionally stable and mature. the most important thing is .. i don't want to play mind-games whatsoever coz love is logic but still has to be magical.

on a calm and relaxed style hunt,


  1. lovely outfit for dating,dear...
    love ur skirt so much, the pattern so beautiful

  2. cute look, your shoes are very pretty!
    i follow you!
    would love if you'd follow my back on so we could stay in touch <3
    love, Sarah

  3. You looks so amazing in that outfit!! - I am so in love with the shoes!! :))

  4. Lovely heels and skirt dear :D


  5. you look very cute! :)

  6. This outfit is really pretty! I love the stud detail on the top, it looks like dew on a flower.

  7. you look sweet and lovely
    beautiful in your own way

  8. Mau roknya ><

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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