it's been a month since the first time i join this so called company. somehow i found my second nature. i get to take care of things i love the most. for some reason my confidence level just took off to Mars. as you prolly know that i lost everything that i can hold on to since the last "REALationship" that i had. i scattered to pieces, i met one childish-pain-in-the-ass boy, and i lost the will to go to school.  i met this crazy pack that i can call business partners that are just as crazy as a kid on sugar rush. since i lost it all, i am one big hollow that goes deep all the way to 2012 .. this is one big redemption to the time wasted. i have been working for several company just for advices, and by far .. this company is the one that can heal me up little by little. 

my confidence getting back up high, i can just be my self and being crazy productive leaving it all behind. the thing is.. this kind of thing is really expensive, the experience and the happiness. confidence is the most expensive and rare of them all, at least for me.

trying to be the old me before it all happened,