just got home from a hangout and somehow at every hangout i learn more about myself, somehow i'm gathering facts to build my own version of a closure that i have been longing. yeah, sometimes you just need to do what you gotta do in order to move along to heal up some old wound, battle wound. have you ever feel so burden about how the biggest problem to solve is about romance? well, it's kinda been this way for me ... i don't know why but i can't seem to wrap around my logic about it. ...believe me, i am the kinda kid who was forced to think about the consequences of my action from an early age, but i can't seem to use that logic whenever my heart is involved. stupid? yes, i am. i am blessed to find this one friend that help me a lot to regain my self esteem. i was broken and still am, but regaining the confidence is a whole lotta different story for me. it's the lil' thing that counts. and i swear .. i need to be as put together as i was before i got broken. will that be hard? .. no. i am sure it will not be.

Owwkay~ enough with the rant and let's get to the outfit.
wore this outfit for a lunch out with my family to Hakata Ikkousha in Kemang (psst, the head chef is a hottie!!). the ramen was a-wait for it-mazing! the outfit itself is nothing special but the soft colours. feeling extra cute and sweet ... of course, first date ready as always. feeling healed up already!! ... see, it's not that hard to be ok after all that hard time believing myself is good enough. 

boat neck top, basic flare skirt, wedges - unbranded
hat - hand me down

being narcissistic is sometimes important,


  1. Look at you, you're too beautiful to let people bring you down! I've been there with the romantic confusion - it really sucks getting through it, but it won't matter at all in a couple years. You'll be perfectly fine. :)
    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

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  3. nice mix
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  4. Hi Dee. Thank you for visiting my blog and leave me such a beautiful comments. <3
    Well I love the color you picked in here. I also love the skirts.

    Keep inspiring people, dear.
    Restya Mahara.

    A Lone Cat Journey

  5. Cute look! love the color block here...

  6. i'm in love with this! great post x

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  7. you are so cute!

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    hope you like it

  8. dear, dear! ive been checking out your blog and I can see you gained lotsss of confidence lately! thats not surprising thou, i can see it from years ago. you pursue your passion, im proud of you!
    well i know you love your body, and you wont care of what others might think of you. but baby, you have to practice your pose and choose your skirts more carefully. im a big girl too, and i dont think gather skirt, pleated skirts works for our big hips. it would only make us look bigger. and the pose, you have to recognize your body, work the angel baby. i know youre not that big...
    im sorry i have to be an anon. im too coward to see how you might react. i hope you'll understand

    1. hey there Anon!!
      ok first, i wanna call you Jane Doe instead of Anon.. coz "Anon" sounds rude. ...and i have been watching crime drama since forever, so yeah...

      i have wide shoulders but an "ok" hips. so i'm trying to balance that out with the flare skirt. but i wouldn't lie that i need to work on finding what works for me. as in "pose" wise, ...yes i know i have to work on that. thank you for the advise, btw!! :)

      i would love to really address this to you like anyone SHOULD...., but since you remain a Jane Doe... i can't do much. :(


    2. good to hear from you dee. here are some links you'll love
      looking foward your next post;)

  9. Love the color, so fresh!


  10. Love the mint skirt, it's one of my favourite colours at the moment so I'm so jealous haha ;p x
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