Just No

i can never actually pinpoint where my excellent memories gonna be, but .. nobody will ever. i spent the day out in the beach at some random gathering. one thing to describe the day ... "CARE FREE". i spent all afternoon with a chest pain that came outta nowhere, yet as the time flies by, it just fade away like nothing happened. pffft, scumbag brain and it's ability to overthink things. 

randomly coming home, spent the time just talking about the bits and the pits of the day... i realized, the happiness wasn't come from what i spent my time doing, but it came from the random heart pouring i had in the car. accompanied by some random junk food, ... i blabbered about all my worries and my dreams. not by chance, ... everything came into place. bit by bit... it's weird to juggle with words, but yes ... everything has a crack where anyone can make the 'best' out of. here, throwing care free poses and act like i rule the world comes naturally now, in public places to be exact.

the day spent, from sunrise .. drizzled, the sun to the darkness of the evening..
thank you Andri for the kindness of being the chaperone of Asti and I. 

p.s : 
i didn't steal your man. i didn't steal the attention. and at the end of the day, i do what i wanna do.
i worked hard, .. yet it came out so effortlessly. sorry, i'm not sorry.

living my own terms and condition,


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