Dorothy Perkins - ALL ABOUT ROSE Launch Party

so couple days ago i received an email about the ALL ABOUT ROSE Launch Party, the Dorothy Perkins' Team is very generous to invite me to this event. the collection itself, as they stated, FULL of ROSE. it consists of pretty pieces, all covered in rose print and the one with 3D roses. this collection really brings the spring-summer vibe and definitely you can wear this all year around (if you are living in Indonesia, as i am).

a little bit about the day ... i was stuck in traffic so i couldn't make it on time. ARGH! Jakarta's traffic, and whatnots. 

Avelia AnwarPutri and Novarina.
now i have the urge to know MORE of Indonesia's Fashion Blogger ..

p.s : i ask Putri for a picture (as i put above) ... and by the time i said "Putri .. *smiles*" ... she said "hi" to me and i felt like she remembered me. (at INFARE #2 we kinda talk) ...or may be it's just me. 

bad lighting ... but it's Milkha

it's not the first time that i met her (or just saw her from afar), but it's definitely the first time i talk to her.
she's so sweet ! 

Julian Tanoto and Regina Raquel ....... again i need to start to remember and getting more info about bloggers in Indonesia, because i feel like i saw them in person and came across their blog but .. *sigh* just can't remember the names!!

more events coming (hopefully),


  1. This looks like it was a super fun event!! Great job on capturing the whole thing :)

  2. Hi.. I saw you there too.. you should've said hi dear.. because you know, we cant remember every blogger, right? Hehe
    So next time dont hesitate to say hi,ok? ;*


  3. Hiiii dear :D I remembered you
    Thanks for say hi :)


  4. OH how I miss all of them! seems like an interesting event :)

  5. What a fun event!
    : signe : : the daily savant :
    I also have a STYLE CHALLENGE going on now! I hope you’ll enter!

  6. I really like the top you are wearing!! Beautiful pictures! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blogs and let me know in comments where you follow and I will follow back from both my blogs!! :)


  7. This looks like such a fun experience! I would definitely love to attend an event like that as I really love Dorothy Perkins! :)

  8. Looks like a really fun event :) great post x

  9. omg all the settings look super good there!
    Lucky you got the chance to attend such a lovely event~
    Just wanted to invite you to join my 1st blog giveaway, where you can win a Fashion/Beauty set worth $30~ I hope you will join :D Win a Fashion/Beauty set worth $30
    xx Charmaine

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  10. This looks so good!
    I would love to see you on my blog!
    xoxo Antonella !


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