Beauty Diary

random is my middle name these days. since i use Hada Labo cleansing oil (read here) .. my skin gets softer and i have less break out.. but uh oh !! ... i have some dry patches in my cheeks and near my lips. i instantly freak out because i never had that before... well, freak out is too dramatic may be to decribe it but, ..oh well :)

so then i browsed around the net to find what's caused this.. the main answer is that .. the oil kinda dries my skin so i have to put extra moisturizer on my daily makeup routine.  as a result, i have to improvise to solve this problem while think about products that i need to purchase in the long run. then i mix my bb cream and one big blob of moisturizer. the result is more than expected, my face still looks ok after several hours of hectic humidity (yes, Jakarta is HOT and HUMID everyday), so i only need a little bit of powder to touch up my face coz usually i need tissues and lots of translucent powder to mute my oily and messy face.

when i am on the net, just my luck i came across ZALORA beauty page.. it  has a wide range of beauty product that i can choose from. i lost track of time just browsing through and found so many products that i want to try out. they have drugstore based makeup and beauty supplies to high end makeup such as LIME CRIME and SK II. 

p.s : i even find my Vidal Sasoon Premium Color Care shampoo and conditioner there ...also the rest of the color care line. my hair was so coarse after all the dyeing that i made my hair gone through... and that shampoo and conditioner saved my life.

here's more links of Zalora | +Zalora ID google plus | ZaloraID  twitter | Zalora Indonesia Facebook

pictures here is what my skin looks like after using
Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizer Cleansing Oil and the mixture of bb cream with moisturizer.

i feel the radiance of my skin, now that it's healthy and moisturized!!

experiment of the comfort zone,