due date

first of all .. i'm so sorry that pictures was really overexposed, since i was just standing in the sun light. it was a gloomy day with small patches of sun rays here and there. tried to take pictures in the more calm lighting but it wasn't good enough. 

on this particular outfit, i decided to do a simple makeup with red lips, then keep it casual with the basics. lately i have been loving simple things because life is pretty much a big deal right now. too hectic and overwhelming that i just want to slouch around the house, looking for inspo, and pretty much just be lazy. watching every vlog of Zoella, then realized she really embodied my everyday fashion ........................... or we just have the same preferences in dressing up. at this point after watching so much vlogs of various british youtubers... , i really made up my mind to choose England as a promise-land, but still wanna live in California tho. because countryside of England seems more convenient and calming instead of the busy, busy California. the idea of living on my own is now really amusing and entertaining. why? because i do want to experience that side of living. tho i don't think mom would ever be comfortable with me being so far away - oh yeah, mommy's lil' girl as always (hoorah *blank face*) - and yes, i don't think i can afford that just now. i really want to get a job that I WILL TRULLY ENJOY then start to live on my own term... people would prolly be asking me .. why abroad? .. coz i want to and my family totally supports (now, it's the only thing i need, ....support). i am still on a mission to have a fashion related job then live in Milan, but living in countryside of England is more alluring now ... i just cant ... oh the temptation. 

i really need to plan things 5 years in advance, ... but first ... I GOTTA GRADUATE!! *plot twist*

seeing future ahead by planning carefully,


  1. Lovely outfit Dee. Beautiful skirt, love the floral print and you wearing it so beautifully. Amazing bag!!! Lovely backdrop.

  2. I love this outfit you look so happy and I am happy I came across your blog, following!

  3. lovely look.
    Living by yourself is just a cool experience.
    have a great day


  4. That is such a cute outfit! Very comfy and casual. I really want to move out on my own, too, but god is it expensive!
    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

  5. I love those shoes! And that skirt is beautiful as well. Simple, classic and perfect!




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