[ REVIEW ] Garnier Color Natural Cream #5, Light Brown

OH WOW ! summer is finally here !!! ... since i live in Indonesia pretty much all my life, i am not at all excited about summer. because it's summer all year around and the weather just too humid and hot, ... at times, it can actually reach 34ºC. i know this may sound so cliche .. and lazy .. but i can't bear the heat to take outfit pictures. but since i have a blog to take care of, ... i have been searching for materials to blog about.

let's start!

Garnier Color Natural Cream, #5 Light Brown.

as you would probably know if you've been reading my blog for the past 8 months or so, ... i have been changing hair colors. ok i'll break it down to you a bit ... the time i bleached my own hair, to salon bleached, reversed ombre, then the hair just washed out to somehow near blonde headed, then i went red, change it into darkest violet, a bit of turquoise, went back to violet, gone red, violet-red that fades into just red and now i have settled with this color. thank god? ... i still wanna try so many more! as I'm near an internship to complete my study before the thesis, i need to look NORMAL. yipp yipp .. NOhhray! and do i feel happy ... NO. even a bit ... HEEWWLLLNO. ( some may say this 20 going on 21 is the FUCK OFF SOCIETY, I WANNA DO MY OWN THING phase ) so then i need to make an excuse and trick my head so i don't feel as unhappy. 

gone merry go round, ...

the last hair color change was on April before my Semarang Road-trip .. WHICH I REGRET TO THE CENTER OF MY BONE .. i let my hair took a break from chemicals, also did an extra deep conditioning, for a month then i have this soft hair like i had before the damage i made. the deep conditioning really helped my hair grow and i then had this dilemma, root problem. jet black hair about 1inch off my scalp and fire-y red on the rest of my hair.. cute. i thought to myself, "just dye it brown and do some more deep conditioning. let your hair take break before you butchered it again" .. so then i went to the mall and search for "the perfect brown" ... after 20 minutes walking in and out stores, i found this product. the first dye i only got rid of the fire-y red and let my jet black hair pop out even more. then a week later i come back to the store (the hair need some rest) .... and picked up another box because i was happy with the color and i feel the difference of my hair texture, softer and shiny hair too.

so my review for the product is ...

+ cost about $3-$4 .. pretty cheap for the amazing result.
+ easy to be applied, the texture of the cream is not easily thicken up.
+ doesn't leave my hair feel coarse after the dye
+ the color shown in the box does match to the final result.
+ really nourishes my hair.
+ doesn't fade easily.

- the product is not enough for my hair, i think i need 2 or 3 boxes for whole head application in 1 sitting, my hair is not that thick but i have a lot of layers to gone through. for medium thickness down to thin hair application, 2 boxes can be enough to do whole head in 1 sitting.


and i bet you all know the drill to dye your hair at home. if not, you can always google it.

by the way, i have been watching YouTube and kinda have a material to make a video. so may be i will do it, ...or just do a blog post. umm, a question for you readers .. notice the slight difference to the blog ? likey, or no likey?

p.s :
nail polish i wore is Etude House #86 (review here!)

being normal is boring but i have to hang around for at least 6 months from now,


  1. Wow I wish I had the courage to switch my hair color like you, I am currently into grey hair, but dunno.



  2. Garnier is a good brand!
    Yesterday i dyed my hair black with garnier and the result is pretty good~
    It cover almost all of red tint on my hair!

    *:・゚✧Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!*:・゚✧

  3. I usually 2 boxes too when dying my hair at home :D I haven't tried this brand yet.
    Thanks for the review.


  4. This sounds like a promising product. We love the name of your blog, and the new blog design is cute too!


  5. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently. you evidently have natural ability for blogging!
    Please don't forget to visit my blog
    thank you

  6. beautiful pictures *_*


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