From Phuket to Monas

Toey - Nice - Kate

Nice - Me - Toey

these pictures were taken in April 26..
i find this very exciting because i got to have new friends. Nice is my Thailand friend from my TISFiP trip. she had a chance to study here in Indonesia for 2 months along with her 2 friends, Toey and Kate. obviously, i won't ever pass this opportunity to meet her, because it's been so long after my TISFiP trip. since Nice never been to Monas (National Monument, Jakarta) i took her there. but because of the rain, we didn't have the chance to come inside and look at the diorama. so sad!!! after taking pictures, we decided to eat Soto Ayam at the street food near Monas. they really talked me through some similarities Thailand and Indonesia have. so happy to have new friends from other country. definitely an expansion of knowledge.

funny story ...
we met up in Grand Indonesia and they hadn't had the chance to have pork in their meal for so long (so they told) that they were so happy to find a Chinese food stall in the Food Louvre section. they said that they only had Sate Ayam and Nasi Goreng as daily meal, so i was certainly happy to see them happy. after all those eating, we went to Thamrin City for some shopping .. well, at least Kate was.

broaden the mind.. once again,


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